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Using the arts to bring about positive social change by raising awareness, support and funding for a special cause working together on projects with schools, libraries and community groups.

See links above for different projects:

  • The Friend Ship, including Postcards for Peace, The HumaniTea Party and The Butterfly Effect

  • Message in a Bottle

  • Every Life Matters

  • Silent Voices


SYSTA helps empower participants to find their creative and political voice with the freedom to explore, experiment, have fun and raise awareness of, and support for, issues important to them. 


Workshops also result in original art work for exhibition, permanent display in the groups space or to share with others.

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Artivist Emma Skeet makes exciting things happen, with over 30 years experience in the arts, health, charity and educational settings.

 I believe the arts have an important role to play in empowering people of all ages to raise awareness of issues important to them


Contact SYSTA

Get in touch for information on bringing SYSTA workshops to your school, community group, festival, wedding reception, office, hospital, senior citizens home..... anywhere where there are people with stories to share and creativity to discover

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