Debbie Dent
Oxfam Shop Manager Abingdon

'Every now and again you meet people who radiate such charm and apparently limitless energy and enthusiasm that you instantly realise that working with them will be a truly uplifting and positive experience.


Emma is just that person.


Running an Oxfam shop is more than just 'selling things', and I have been keen to work with the local community on a range of awareness-raising projects. Emma has been by far the most enthusiastic and creative partner in this.


For example she has devised a range of projects with local students including: Recycling damaged vinyl records into stunning WW1 poppies; using donated old picture frames to display children's stories thereby creating an amazing shop window; and also involving 1400 children worldwide in producing a self-portrait to be displayed and ultimately sold in a plastic bottle,which filled the shop window in a 2 metre high wave to highlight the overwhelming significance of clean water.We have also been the recipients of an extraordinary and eclectic range of upcycled designs, which Emma's students have poured their creative talents into producing from damaged and previously unsaleable clothes.


Art for everyone - participants and observers alike, Emma has a talent to make that seem enviably easy and achievable...........a rare skill to be treasured and much admired.'

Gwen Parker

Schools and Community Services

Norfolk and Norwich Millennium Library


'It’s really good to work with you, both because of what you offer and because you are so professional and easy to communicate with.


The workshops held in the library were such fun for the visiting year 2 children. Emma quickly engaged and involved the children, encouraging them to use their imaginations and become involved with their own story.


At the end of the session they were presented with their story to take back to school, where they could add to it, including illustrations. I was very impressed with Emma’s skill, attitude and understanding of the children. 


The visiting teachers said it was a huge boost to literacy, and very child-centred.'

Rachel Willis

Community Development Worker

Historypin Connections Project

Norfolk and Norwich Millennium Library

'Emma delivered a fantastic storysharing session as part of Norwich Millennium Library’s ‘Fun Palaces’ event.


She encouraged children, parents and even grandparents to create weird and wonderful stories, which were then acted out by the group. It was wonderful to see how proud and excited children were to share their tales with others, and how impressed parents were at their children’s imagination and creativity.


Emma has a lovely and enthusiastic manner which people really respond to, and her warm and open style means that people lose their inhibitions and really go for it! Thank you Emma, we look forward to working with you at Norwich Millennium Library again.'

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