Designing their own t-shirts and drawings, these workshops gave the children a space to have fun, working with their parents, brothers, sisters and friends to create something new, just for them. They kept their t-shirts and their drawings were exhibited in their communal squat in Athens and in the UK.


Aiming to bring the voice of humanity back into the picture with the biggest refugee crisis since WW2, Every Life Matters raises awareness, empathy and support for the brave individuals fleeing war and tyranny, risking their lives, to give their family a safer home.


Please support                               in their vital work

Every Life Matters has been exhibited in the Larkmead School Gallery of Young Art in Abingdon, the North Wall Art Centre in Oxford and as part of The Friend Ship Refugee Week exhibition at Norwich & Norfolk Millenium Library

BIG Thanks to Mark and Lauren at Continental Clothing, UK ethical t-shirt manufacturer, for donating 100 children's t-shirts

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